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libmanta released!

Snyderphonics Manta

(photo nabbed from MusicRadar)

After more than a year(sporadically), several re-writes, and much learning about USB, cross-platform threading, concurrency, OSX device driver loading, and many more, the libmanta library and the included PD and Max/MSP objects are finally ready for release.

Get The Source Read The Documentation

libmanta is a cross-platform API for the Snyderphonics Manta control surface. The low-level USB communication uses hidapi to communicate with the Manta, and provides a way to subscribe to the different events the Manta can generate, as well as methods to set the LEDs.

There are currently binaries available for Pure Data on linux and OSX. Max/MSP binaries should be available shortly, as soon as Jeff (the inventor of the Manta) finishes the help patch and a wrapper that gives the new libmanta-based object the same interface as the old one.

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