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A cute python scheduler

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I spent a couple of hours on Sunday whipping up this little scheduler in python.

It was mostly to have something fun to do in Python, and doesn’t do much that’s useful, but it does demonstrate some general process scheduling concepts.

It provides base classes for “Processes” and “Events”. Subclass a process to do something when it’s “run()” function is called. A process can also tell the scheduler that it wants to wait on an an “Event”. Any event that has a process waiting on it gets its “occured()” function polled, which returns true when the event has occurred, and the process that was waiting on it wakes up(it’s run() function starts being called again).

I’ve got some examples of a timer event that goes off after a time interval. There’s also a filewatcher event that goes off when a given file is created.

This is meant to simulate a scheduler that would run at the root of an OS, so it loops through as fast as it can and will take up %100 CPU while it’s running.

git clone git://


Download the tarball

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