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My first openembedded image

After installing openembedded from these directions, I’ve successfully compiled the helloworld-image target and have it running on my beagleboard! After running bitbake helloworld-image and bitbake virtual/kernel and finding something else to do for a few hours while everything compiled, I had a usable rootfs and kernel image. I already had my SD card partitioned, so I just erased the old Ã…ngstrom image and copied the new stuff over.

To install the image to the SD card (Where BUILDDIR is the directory form which you ran bitbake, MMC_BOOT is the boot partition on your MMC card, and MMC_ROOT is the root partition:

  1. Go to BUILDDIR/tmp/deploy/glibc/images/beagleboard
  2. cp MLO-beagleboard /media/MMC_BOOT/MLO
  3. cp u-boot-beagleboard.bin /media/MMC_BOOT/u-boot.bin
  4. cp uImage-beagleboard.bin /media/MMC_BOOT/uImage
  5. cd /media/MMC_ROOT
  6. sudo tar -xvf BUILDDIR/tmp/deploy/glibc/images/beagleboard/helloworld-image-beagleboard.tar

Boot time is about 8 seconds from when it starts to unpack the kernel to executing userspace code.

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