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recent/upcoming performances

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted any info here. Since a recent re-wire of the sensorBib to switch all solid-core wiring with stranded(a mistake I will not make again), I’ve been working on putting music together to perform on my new sensor-augmented upright bass. My premier performance in Columbia University’s Dodge Hall was a smashing success. I was also able to do an in-class demonstration for George Lewis’s course “Jazz in the Global Imagination” that included a short group improvisation alongside George, with Mario Diaz de Leon and Steve Lehman. A video of the event will be posted soon to Columbia’s new jazz website, Jazz Studies Online.

On Thursday March 27th I’ll be performing alongside New York jazz drumming psychopath Kevin Shea, with a possible third member as yet undetermined. We’ll be performing as part of the Columbia Computer Music Center’s “CMC Fün Nite,” a monthly concert series to perform new electronic music. If you’re in New York City you should come on up to Prentis Hall at 632 W. 125th St.

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