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5 boxes done

I built 5 more sensor circuits and boxed them all up in these snazzy black boxes you can see in the picture. They even match my ThinkPad! I’ve been working on PD patches to explore different ways to map the sensor streams onto parameters. On Douglas Repetto’s suggestion I started looking at higher-order systems, and realized that if I look at the change in adjacent sensor samples, throw out high positive and negative values, and then run them into an accumulator, the output tracks slow-moving input, but ignores anything fast. This allows you to pump the value up or down by repeatedly moving slowly in one direction, than quickly in the other. You can also make a value stick if you pull your hand away quickly enough. Be on the lookout for some video examples. I also made a patch to detect when you’ve tapped the sensor, to be used for things like setting a tempo or delay time.

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